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I express my creativity in three key areas: wall sculptures and sculpture paintings, oil paintings and works on paper. Drawing is at the base of all I do, as is photography and philosophy.


All my work deals with energy, sometimes I contextualise it and other times I leave it raw because energy in itself is incredibly beautiful. I create images for abstract ideas and thoughts. E.g. what does a thought look like when we birth it? Is it merely a cloud passing through our mind or does it have some kind of quantum chemical reactive image associated with it?


Weaving is energy in context and very aligned to our human evolution on this planet.  Weaving connects us all. You'll see how this manifests in my ‘works on paper’ and ‘paintings'.


My work sells direct to my fan club through my studio (cellar door ;-) ) and occasionally I have an exhibition. So please contact me if you are interested in purchasing. I also do prints of my works on paper and some life drawings and these can be framed or unframed for you.



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